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The foundation for a successful appeal begins with thorough research and knowledge of the law, the ability to identify errors of the trial court, and clarity in writing and presentation of those issues to the appellate courts. At the Law Offices of Alan B. Fischler, LLC, our more than 30 years of experience in handling business transactions and disputes, various types of other civil matters, and in litigating such cases in the state and federal courts, makes our practice the ideal choice for pursuing your civil appeal.

Of course, the decision to appeal from an adverse lower court ruling or verdict involves considerations such as cost, the manner in which the case was handled before the lower court, the evidence presented (or excluded) at the trial court level, the legal rulings on motions and other matters as made by the presiding judge, and several other factors. Our broad experience provides us with the ability to appropriately review and identify issues for a potentially successful appeal, and to competently and persuasively present your appeal to the higher courts should you decide to pursue your appeal after consultation with our office.

Naturally, should you need to defend an appeal brought by an opposing litigant after winning at trial, or by an earlier dispositive motion in your favor, we can assist you there as well. In such cases we will be as zealous and conscientious in preserving your hard-fought victory before the lower court as we are in all other matters, and for all clients whom we serve.

Whatever your appellate needs, please contact our office for a consultation. We assure you that the review and advice you receive from us will be well worth the time spent in discussing your case with us.