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Civil Litigation

The term “civil litigation” refers broadly to the process by which civil disputes are resolved. Civil litigation encompasses everything from complex commercial litigation, payment and non-performance disputes involving large and small business, estates and trust litigation, disputes among business owners, breach of fiduciary obligations in business, personal and trustee relationships, personal injury claims, real estate litigation, the need for injunctions, declaratory judgments and other intervention of the courts, and many other types of disputes and claims.

Civil litigation is at the core of what we do at the Law Offices of Alan B. Fischler, LLC. Ever since the founding of the law offices bearing his name, Mr. Fischler has strived to represent clients large and small, from a broad variety of industries, in personal and family matters, in matters before state, local and federal agencies, and in state and federal courts, all to achieve the best results possible, whether at the settlement table or in the courtroom. In the more than three decades of practice, Mr. Fischler and the firm have represented numerous clients in civil litigation, with professionalism, solid judgment, knowledge of the law and command of the facts, and with the strong and persuasive advocacy which our clients expect and deserve.

In addition to being a seasoned civil litigator, Mr. Fischler is also a veteran criminal trial lawyer. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in Queens, New York, handling matters from grand jury indictments to felony trials, moving on to criminal defense and civil litigation upon founding the Law Offices of Alan B. Fischler in 1985, and has continued to hone his trial skills in all types of  civil litigation since. His thirty plus years of litigation experience can be indispensable in achieving the best results for your case in the most cost effective manner possible. Our firm provides the highest level of representation in courts throughout the state of Maryland, as well as in the District of Columbia, New York, and in other jurisdictions where pro hac vice representation (upon permission of the court) is necessary to fully serve our clients. Where experience counts, you can count on the Law Offices of Alan B. Fischler, LLC for dedicated and committed advocacy, whether in or out of court.

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